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Posting. [25, Nov 2004 ]

Since the community is super small, I thought it best to open posting to all members. This means post graphics you make or requests you may have.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving!
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Requests...sort of. [21, Nov 2004 ]

Lyric request icons. Just fill out the "form" and I'll get on it! (I have tomorrow off of work so I'll work on 'em then.) Two per person.

001. Icon color:
002. Font: (Fonts can be found at dafont.com)
003. Font color:
004. Text as it is to appear on icon:
005. Border color:
006. Animation:
007. Any other specifics:

A shitload of icons. [18, Nov 2004 ]

I ganked these from my old icon journal and decided to repost. Maybe these will get a reply? Ahh, the possibilities.

Credit isn't necessary, but comment por favor.

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Funeral For A Friend [15, Nov 2004 ]

I come bearing Funeral For A Friend. They're kick ass. If you haven't already, I highly suggest you check them out.

We're up to like...14 members. For what...2..3 days..I guess that's not too bad. Make sure you make your friends join.

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[13, Nov 2004 ]

Hey guys, names Taylor. I'm the maintainer of this community. I'll be posting icons within a day or two. Make sure you tell all of your friends about the community and get them to join!


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